If your little one loves fun prints you've stopped off at the right place. Ages 0-6 years.  We think it's super important to be kind on the planet . We work with a great team who manufacture our collections to a high standard.

We work with Organic and Oeko-tex certified cottons and eco friendly inks. We really love what we do and hope you like too! 

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0-3 months: Inside leg: 20cm, Waist (laid flat): 18cm

3-6 months: Inside leg: 22cm, Waist (laid flat): 19cm
6-9 months: Inside leg: 24.5cm, Waist (laid flat): 20cm
9-12 months: Inside leg: 28cm, Waist (laid flat): 21cm
12-18 months: Inside leg: 29.5cm, Waist (laid flat): 22cm
18-24 months: Inside leg: 33cm, Waist (laid flat): 22.5cm
2-3 years: Inside leg: 35cm, Waist (laid flat): 23cm
3-4 years: Inside leg: 36.5cm, Waist (laid flat): 24cm

4-5 years: Inside leg: 38.5cm, Waist (laid flat): 24.5cm
5-6 years: Inside leg: 41cm, Waist (laid flat): 25cm 


0-6 months: Length: 35cm, Chest (laid flat): 29cm 

6-12 months: Length: 37cm, Chest (laid flat): 29.5cm
12-18 months: Length: 38cm, Chest (laid flat): 30.5cm
18-24 months: Length: 39cm, Chest (laid flat): 32cm
2-3 years: Length: 47cm, Chest (laid flat): 34cm
3-4 years: Length: 48cm, Chest (laid flat): 35.5cm

4-5 years: Length: 49cm, Chest (laid flat): 36cm

5-6 years: Length: 52cm, Chest (laid flat): 36.5cm


0-6months: Length: 31cm, Chest (laid flat): 28cm

6-12 months: Length: 33cm, Chest (laid flat): 31cm
12-18 months: Length: 35cm, Chest (laid flat): 32cm
18-24 months: Length: 39.5cm, Chest (laid flat): 33cm
2-3 years: Length: 42cm, Chest (laid flat): 34cm


We size our leggings to fit a 50th percentile child within that age range. If your baby/child is above the 50th percentile or you prefer a looser fit, you might want to go up a size.

Customer feedback, our new leggings have been sized on the larger size to allow for growing room should you prefer that fit. Please buy the correct size, or get next size up to last longer.